Support Services

home aide checking older person's blood pressure

There are many resources available to the aging, the disabled and their caregivers in our area. Click on any of the following links to learn more about them.

Support Services

health worker helping older man

Our goal here is to help you find service providers who can help you provide better care. We’ve organized these support services into the following five areas, and you can navigate between them by clicking the links in the left column.

AAA Services

Your local area agency on aging (AAA) is responsible for delivering federal and state resources within your area. Not only does it fund and support a variety of local agencies, it also has programs of its own. Click on the AAA Services link in the left column to learn more about these programs.

Key Local Services

There are a number of local sources of help that are mostly unique, free of charge and sponsored by government or non-profit organizations. Click on Key Local Services to learn more about them.

Local-Services Search

There are also a variety of local companies and agencies that support the aging, the disabled and their caregivers. These range from senior housing facilities to home care agencies, healthcare services and advocacy groups. Click on Local-Services Search to learn more about how to find and compare alternative resources.

Statewide Services

State government and other statewide organizations also have programs to support elders and the disabled. Click on Statewide Services to learn more about these programs.

Nationwide Services

Finally, there are federal and other national programs that provide direct assistance to families dealing with aging or disabled loved ones. Click on Nationwide Services to learn more.