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Our goal is to help the aging, the disabled and their caregivers live the healthiest, safest, most fulfilling lives possible.

User Guide

We’ve designed this help center to be as easy to use as possible. Still, you may need some help along the way. Here are some guidelines.

Navigating the Resource Center

If your community is sponsored by your local area agency on aging, entering your zip code as you enter the website will give you access to all resources.

All of these resources are organized into a curriculum made up of topic areas identified in the left columns of website areas. Simply click on any of these topic areas to go to that part of the curriculum.

The Caregiving 101 area provides overviews that describe what each topic area is all about. Reading an overview should give you a better idea of how you might provide better care to an elder or disabled person with respect to the subject at hand. The Planning area then gives you checklists and other tools to select and prioritize tasks. The Information area provides selected articles on topics of importance and the Instruction area provides video training for several topic areas. Finally, the Support Services area helps you find services.

Viewing Instructional Resources

Once you get access to instructional resources in any topic area, you simply click the appropriate link to view either a video on the topic or a document that describes what’s covered in the video. We provide the document so that you can (1) read the information instead of view it, if you prefer, (2) save or print it for future reference or follow along with the video and take notes, or (3) get access to the information if your internet connection or computer can't process the video or you can't see videos well. Sometimes, we also provide sample documents, printable checklists and other tools in the document.

If you click the video thumbnail, a video player will open and display the video. The bottom of the player provides controls to play, pause and otherwise control video play. When the video is finished playing, you can close the player window by clicking the X in the upper right-hand corner and continue browsing. If your internet connection is slow, the video may not play right away without stopping continuously. In this case, just let the video download (buffer) for a while before attempting to play it. After some time, the video will be completely downloaded and you can play it without interruption.

If you click the View Document link, the related document will be displayed in a separate browser tab from which you can view, print or download it. Your computer settings determine where your downloads go. Simply close the tab to go back to browsing the website.

That’s all there is to using our system.