volunteer showing older women instruction on a tablet

Each month we feature a campaign to improve a key aspect of care for the aging or disabled.

In doing so, we provide resources not only for families, but also for organizations looking to help families in their communities.

Infection Control in the Home

washing hands

This month's campaign focuses on infection control, a discipline that can prevent countless infections in the home, just as it does in hospitals. The following resources should help you protect the health of everyone in your loved one's home:

  • Instructional video. The video and companion document below describe and demonstrate proper infection-control procedures in the home.
  • Information. This additional reference information will help you explore infection control deeper.

Even adopting a few simple procedures, such as washing hands properly and keeping countertop surfaces clean, can help protect your loved one from a serious infection, especially if he or she has a weakened immune system.

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Infection Control in the Home

Infection control in the home requires a combination of frequent hand washing, use of gloves when handling contaminated materials and routine cleaning of environmental surfaces. This video reviews specific techniques that make a home safer for both elder and caregiver.